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Purge Cart Essentials

Purge Cart Update:

I am at this point probably on version 4.0 of the cart that has evolved over time. What I found was people needing a cart that did not want to invest the time or money into the project. It is important to note that version 4.0 came about because of the abuses of field personnel. It was designed to be robust enough to withstand the abuses of the greenest helper. This drove the price of materials up, and forced the design to its current status.

I decided to set out to see what could be done to lower the cost if technicians who took care with equipment were to be employed. The lion's share of the materials were purchased from a local blue big box store, and the pump is from my neighbors cracked hot tub. Total cost of the project was about 150.00 and took some 5 hours to assemble.

The major points of deviation are the usage of PVC valves mounted to a frame made of 1.5 project angle, that is bolted to the welding cart to hold it securely. The hot tubs pump discharge could not be rotated. This forced a front discharge, with the piping turning down and to the rear manifold. This created an air pocket that was difficult to pass to prime the cart. The addition of a T at the discharge with a boiler drain to burp the pump solved the issue.

The Franklin pump listed in the original design has also become hard to source, and very expensive. The new pump model number is FCE 15CI for the smaller stuff and FCE 2CI for the larger systems IF your buddy does not have a ruined hot tub with a good pump to give away.

As all ways, drop me a line if you have questions.

Purge Cart Essentials

Here are the basic pictures and material list for building a purge cart.
Should you have any questions, please contact Eric Sackett at 302-732-6060 or

Franklin pump model #2fpda1b-s 1
welding cart 1
11/4x4 nipples 2
11/4 street 90 1
martinson bx70 11/4x6 pitless adapter 1
11/4 union 1
8" pvc 3 feet
4"x.016 pvc well screen 3 feet
8" pvc cap, flat works best, dome o.k. 1
3/8 cold rolled steel 2 feet
2"x2" angle stock 2 feet
150psi hosex1" 10 feet
cam lock fittings 1" 2 sets
1/4" pete's ports 2
1"x1/4" bushings 2
1" t's 6
1" 90's 4
1" street 90 1
1" union 2
1"x3" nipples 12
1" ball valves 6
1"x4" nipples 3
1"x10" nipples 2
1"x close nipple 1
1" male insert adapter 1
1"x45 2
1" hose clamps 2
4" pvc cap dome o.k. 1
11/4 brady screened foot valve,no guts 1
1" merchant coupling cut in half 1

Total bill of materials should land you around 1,000.00 depending on what you have laying around your shop. This is version 4.0, weld your cart together after bolting it up. The four inch well screen goes inside the 8" to filter out crap from the field. The foot valve goes on the bottom of the inside pitless to screen out crap from dirty fill water. Remove guts or it will hold water and freeze and bust in the back of your truck. A bench mounted pipe vise is handy for assembling the distribution manifold, also years of pipe fitting will ease the pain. I could go on and on, so I won't. If you need some help along the way during assembly, just drop me a line.

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